Behind every feeling is likely a need

23 April 2023

In #ifstherapy, we work with you to befriend each part that pushes a behaviour or attitude or feeling. Our protective parts always have a reason that is meant to help in some way, notwithstanding the consequences. And when there are negative consequences, other parts of us typically arise to criticise, control and shame. It can become an unrelenting tug-of-war that drains our inner energy, causes anxiety or a sense of increasing despair. 

Things begin to shift when the parts trust us enough and start believing it could really be safe. They reveal the vulnerability they seek to protect and allow us, Self, to meet these vulnerable parts to love and be with them. When that happens, protective parts relax even further and we see further gradual shifts in the internal system. They are typically little shifts over time that add up to a sense of greater internal harmony, ease and clarity, a mark of growing Self-leadership. 

In this way, through internal family systems (IFS) work, we have an invitation to connect with our parts, get into relationship with them, ease that internal tug-of-war, and have more choice over our actions and reactions. 


Picture credit: The war at home - if only someone knew Facebook page

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