My beliefs with your beliefs and choices

5 July 2021

There are many schools of counselling. Modalities we call them. The work spans cognition (thoughts), emotion (feelings), behaviour (actions), somatic work (linked to the body), parts work (the multiplicity of the mind), and spirituality.


As a Christian therapist at Hope and Heart Counselling, I (Karon) recognise that my existential paradigm inexorably overlaps with the therapeutic work I do. That does not mean that I do not work with people who are not Christians. On the contrary, the bulk of my practice in my training has been with people of other beliefs.


This is possible because I take the view that counselling is not advice-giving. Rather, I collaborate with clients to determine their goals and work together towards them, according to the clients’ values and decisions. It is the clients’ lives and it is their choices to make.


At the same time, I have also come to recognise that there are certain areas of work that I view differently. Essentially, for interventions that involve other spiritual practices, I see and practise with the Christian lens instead. I believe in the infinite, all-powerful and all-loving God, and He created the energies of the world and wields them in the palm of His hand.


I am as frail as any other human and it is not my place to judge or condemn. Rather, I hope to provide a safe space for my clients to share and work through their challenges. As God has forgiven and loved me and therapy has benefited me, I wish that my therapy work will help bring healing and restoration to my clients.